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any info links about the differences with other models like the 505 and the sanden sd7 --besides this being a serpentine,

the 508 is said to soak up 7hp and that's definitely who peeps here like it

Chrome Mini AC Compressor - Sanden SD-7 Style - Serpentine Pulley 6 GROOVE | eBay

im buying all the serpentine system to go on a ls engine, it takes a few days of homework to find the cheapest route, when you decide which of the three-witch is dictated by the harmonic balancer on the crank -the distance the three systems are spaced out from the front of the engine.

my choice is the

2005 C6 Corvette A/C Belt Tensioner With Mounting Bracket | eBay

09-14 Cadillac CTS-V CTSV 2nd Gen Alternator Bracket W/ Pulley OEM 56247 | eBay
c5/ c6 vette/ cts-v parts.

the other two setups are the
98-02 Camaro -&- 2004-7 gto stuff, and 07-9 Pontiac G8

99 up----truck & 2010-15 Camaro stuff

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