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560SL Very Bad Idle

My 88 560SL Idles very rough. Took it to my friendly Mech. who told me he thought it was the fuel distributor. Told me he would have to replace the distributor and all of the injectors. Lot of money. However, he told me to try and add injector cleaner over the next month and see if that helped. Has done nothing. It Idles rough but seems to run fine one I kick it. Sometimes it smoothes out for a short period of time but most often it is very rough at idle. I have been reading this forum for some time and have found may discussions about idle but none specific to my car. I have 97K original mile, just had it tuned and do not smell gas in the morning or at any time except after it has been idling for some time.

Because the Mech was not totally sure I am suspect and want to know how I can verify his diagnosis. Also would like to know how I can verify if the distributor is really the problem and not an injector problem.

Thanks for the help
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