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83 240D Man Trans. Does anyone know the Shift Linkage adjustment specs?

I am suffering from a very bad shifting 83 240D manual transmission. Yesterday I drove the car on R , 3 and 4 only as 1 and 2 would jam a lot. I really have to whack and jiggle the shifter to make it work, sometimes it jams up.
I played with the Linkage adustment. Today I have 2, 3, 4. When i shift to "1" I get absolutely no acceleration--it feels like "N".
In the 300D 240D Haynes Manual there is a diagram of he shift linkages and a procedure for adjusting them, using a drill bit slipped through the shifter arms to line them up. It lists an "a"," b", and "c" length for the 1-2 arm, 3-4 arm and R arm.

Unfortunately the diagram makes no sense and does not resemble an 83 240D manual whatsoever.

Does anyone have a similar diagram and specs for an 83 240D?

83 240D Manual. Does anyone know the Shift Linkage adjustment specs?
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