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I really, REALLY like my C class. The ONLY thing bad about it is the fact that the company I work for has one foot in the grave. I don't know what I'll do if I'm forced to sell it.

Except for the crappy Goodyear tires that came on it originally it has not given any significant trouble. The cupholder broke and there was a recall on the turn signal wiring harness, but it was all handled well by the dealer.

Comparing it to an early diesel, however, is something I can't do. This is like comparing oranges to apples. They are just TOTALLY different vehicles.


Does your wife have a sister?

When my daughter started driving her 123 car, I made her change oil and then she did front brake pads, all under my supervision. She took a lot of pride with it.

Since she was very small, she always showed great coordination with sports, piano, etc. It was no different handling tools, she seemed to just pick up a punch and hammer and go right at it as if she had done it all her life. She started throwing wrenches and ratchets around easily as well.

My son never could do that kind of stuff well, she is definitely the one that inherited all that from me.

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