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Aftermarket keyless entry install

I took my 91 300E to have a keyless entry installed. I've done a lot of search in this forum regarding the way it is installed and found that hooking it up straight from the pump is the way to go. I asked the installer how he is going to hook it up and he said he will first install a new vaccum unit inside the driver's door which will push or pull the locking rod. He said the hook up straight from the vaccum pump is bad and causes the pump to burn up prematurely. Is this a true statement or this guy just don't know how to hook it up this way?
Can anybody out there with good knowledge in alarms or electrical/electronics, please shed some light to this. I don't feel comfortable with what he was saying so I did not have anything done to the car until I get some opinion from this forum. Also i need to know of a good alarm shop in the San Diego area that anyone out there would recommend. Thank you very much.
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