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E300 turbo diesel (98) Alarm and keyless lock problem

A few days ago (late in the evening and pouring with rain) the doors failed to open with the electronic key, after a few tries I used the mechanical key for entry and then immediately put the electronic key in the ignition to prevent triggering of the alarm. I drove off and the alarm repeatedly triggered every time I touched the brakes. Stopped removed and reinserted the key, still the same. Got out, tried again to electronicaly lock and open the doors but still nothing, the side indicator light would flash so I guess the wireless signal was getting there but nothing else. Had to abandon the car and walk home. Next morning after a few tries the darned thing started to work again, unlocked and locked every time. Only problem now is the alarm indicator lamp (centre console) is on continuously, previously it would start flashing to show alarm activation when the doors were locked, so I guess the alarm is now not working, I am also worried about a repeat with the electronic lock. Has the cars computer controle become confused ?, if so is there a reset or reset code?, or is it more likely to be a contact or sensor. Any advice would be appreciated.
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