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I just bought my daughter an 87 190E but found the serpentine belt very loose and after reading a Haynes manual tried to tension it and found the tensioner rod unconnected. Following the Haynes manual directions I tried to remove the tensioner assembly to rebuild it with a kit but after removing 4 bolts from below the AC, 5 bolts from the side holding it to the head and 3 bolts from the front, it still will not come off. Are there other hidden bolts that I don't know about or do I have to remove the A/C also to get it out. It seems wedged over the A/C and against the head and under the distributor. I just got the car this past week and have not received my Mercedes Manual CD which I requested today. A mechanic at the local dealership said it should take about 3 hours max to replace the tensioner but would not give me any tips on doing it. Can anyone out there provide some suggestions? I have worked on Peugeots and Volvos but never experienced anything like a Merecedes before. I like challenges and I think I shall have quite a few over the coming months with this car.

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