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Thanks for the wise words

I am beginning to see why both my 300D and my 300TD both stop when I want them to, and not 15 feet later, as did my 82 Buick egal: the MB's have two calipers, which surely should grab better and stop faster than one. The 1990 300D has ABS brakes which are definitely superior.

So whereas I was smugly satisfied with my collection of C-Clamps, I am beginning to covet that jack-like device previously mentioned and am considering buying one, as it could almost certainly pay for itself in a brakejob or two.

Who makes this? How much does it cost? Where can I buy one?
I imagine that it is too rare to get it from my usual source of tools: yard and garage sales.

I once bought a Snap-on 3/8 inch rachet for a measley $2.00, but such bargains are exceedingly rare. I got it from the former deceased mechanic's sister-in law.

It was her suggestion for a price, not mine.
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