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Re: 84 190E 2.3 Timing Chain & Other Problems Please REad

Originally posted by Benz84
My timing chain on my 1984 Mercedes 190E 2.3 just broke. I took it to a friends house who works on these cars. He said while taking off the radiator, he found oil in the antifreeze??? Is this a major problem? What makes oil get into the antifreeze or radiator? What could be the problem here? Please leave a post if you can help answer these questions...Thanks

And since there is a good chance that your head gasket is blown(read 99% chance from your description), just be happy it wasn't the other way around. cooland in the block equals REALLY bad. Head gasket job isn't too bad, especially once you've done it. follow directions and you should have no problem. P.S. use a good gasket manufacturer...Find the best gasket you can for it(ask or search around here)
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