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Well, I had the same issue you went through Ray, except mine creeped in while I was on a 550mile trek back from Las Vegas to the Bay Area.

Just like you mentioned, my SRS light came on continuously, and then the ABS light. Then my radio started acting up. Finally, I noticed a gradual loss of power. First I thought it was the battery, then the alternator. After being stuck overnight in the middle of the desert, I took the car to Pep Boys for diagnostic testing. Everything was fine, they said, so off I go. Not 20 minutes into the 5 hour trip, the same thing happened again. I forced my way for another hour before I had to take a pit stop, where I coasted the car to a gas station. There we (I was being followed by my brother) jumped the car again. The I thought maybe the carbon brushes were dirty so I whacked the alternator with a fire extinguisher a few times.... and that did the trick. The car ran fine the rest of the way. Today I took out the voltage regulator and it confirmed my suspicion. It looks like the original alternator/regulator assembly, and the brushes were less than 1/4 inches long. I ordered the $15 replacement at Fastlane today.

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