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question on suspension work

'91 300E

I just bought 4 new 16" Mille Miglia Bello wheels and new tires ..... before putting on the new tires I thought I would get the suspension checked out ..... the mechanic said I need the following:

* 2 new rear shocks (one of them is leaking oil - so, he recommended changing both rear shocks)
* center drag link (because there is play on the center link)
* front bearings re-packed

** I bought 2 Bilstein comforts ($61.16 each) and a center drag link ($43.43) from ************************ .... Can somebody please confirm these part #s for me (thanks!):

'91 300E 3.0L:
Bilstein Comforts: B36-1518
Center Drag Link: 124 460 12 05


1) Should I also have him replace the tie rod assemblies (left and right)?
2) Should I have him replace the steering damper?

BTW, I'm planning on getting a 4-wheel alignment done AFTER the suspension work and mounting of the new wheels/tires.

Thanks for your time!

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