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You're gonna think I am crazy...

I know, everyone will think I am crazy, but I am looking into the idea of putting a trailer hitch on my 126. Reason being is because I need to haul a bed and a few other things about 1000mi to the DC area for my sister and a Uhaul truck costs over $600 w/o fuel! My sister said she probably won't be able to pay that much. So since you see trailer hitches on the back of cars all the time in Germany, I thought why not. My Benz could easily tow a small trailer with little more than a bed in it.

I found a trailer hitch online for $220. Look at it here. I just don't know what is involved with installing one of these things or how concealed it is when not in use since I don't exactly what this huge protrusion stick out of my bumper when not in use. If it is not concealed very well, I am also wondering about how easy these things are to remove. Are there any red flags I need to watch out for? Anyone know of any other hitches that might be better? Any advice is appreciated.
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