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Ken300D, if you ever go to Europe, just look at the back end of the cars. Many many of them, incl. Mercedes, have small trailer hitches since they are not fortunate enough to take part in the pickup/SUV circus. So it is not some mortal sin to tow a small trailer with a Benz, esp. you have no other options.

If that price is too high, then better yet....then it will be even cheaper than the 600-700 dollar Uhaul. I would really be iffy about letting Uhaul's monkey hands on my car. I might even be able to have a hitch made. Wouldn't it just have to be bolted to the two main rails under the car?

I would rent a car or pickup, but that would not end up being a whole lot cheaper. Also you have to be 25 most places, I'm 20.

I still have quite a few reservations about I'm not ready just to jump right into this. It would absolutely have to be pretty well concealed or readily removable. If I had another viable option I'd take it, but it seems there are none.
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