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I have used a sniffer only a few times. I prefer UV dye and a black light. I know that they are supposed to work for either gas, but I have no experience base to answer from. One thing I do know about them, if you get the least little bit of oil on the sensor, that sensor is toast and must be replaced. Maybe you need to check it against a known good 134 sniffer.


Yes, I still work for a software company, however, we have one foot in the grave. Even when the economy turns around I'm not sure we'll make it. We layed off 40% of the remaining workforce last November and the future is very questionable.

The particular sector of the software industry in which we are in is slipping away fast. It was new, exciting and valuable technology in the late eighties, early nineties, but we now have Jillions of competitors and the market is saturated with products from us all.

Since the market is seemingly going away, staying in the software industry will be very difficult if this company does come to an end.

It's probably no surprise to very many of my friends here at mshop that I have had my hands on wrenches all my life. Getting my certification was something I wanted to do for the heck of it, and with my current career in question I have just that much more justification for doing it.

My education is in electronics. With the cars becoming more and more computer and electronics controlled, the technicians that can deal with these issues are becoming harder to find, thus more valuable.

One never knows what the future holds, so I'm trying to be prepared in the event that my professional career comes to an end.

It's probably pretty difficult for most people to understand how a computer geek could be happy wallowing in grease, but I've never claimed to be a TYPICAL human being.

Have a great day,
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