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At this point, if all it takes is a head I will be happy.

The noise was when the engine was starting after the car sitting in the driveway for a few hours after shutting down and having filled the radiator again. My worry is that it had leaked coolant in a cylinder, the engine started with a cylinder or two firing before trying to compress the water.

I'm looking for experience regarding this situation. Is it likely that I bent a rod or did other bottom end damage? Will I be wasting my time doing the head, or should I go straight to a longblock.

This car is my baby. If it takes a longblock, it gets a longblock.

Right now I'm having to resist looking for another car. All my cars are broken or limping. Very depressing. It could always be worse, the family's healthy, so I'm keeping it all in perspective.

Thanks for the replies and any additional experience regarding the lower end,

Larry Bible
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