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Randall Grubbs
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Smile New Oil Pan Drain Plug Thread Problem

Hey all,

Put a new lower oil pan (the stamped steel one - they weld a nut on the inside that the drain plug screws into) on my '94 E500 yesterday and after I got it all buttoned up I tried to put my old drain plug into the new pan and it would go in a little way and then I couldn't turn it any more (fingers only). So I assumed new pan they must have changed the threads at some point. Stopped by the dealer this AM and they are no different. My old plug fit into a brand new pan at the dealer.

So, do I pull the pan off and replace (which would require a new gasket I assume as I used the MB black stuff in a syringe to install plus new black stuff) or tap it out. Pan is easy to get in/out and I have no experiance tapping but I'm willing to learn. I always wanted a reason to get a tap set, maybe this is my chance. Third choice might be to grab a big wrench and see if I can get the plug in that way!! Worst thing - after I was done - I had to move the car around the driveway with no oil in it....just kidding!!

'94 E500
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