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The primary problem with the CDs is the lack of a proper index. These basically amount to a set of scanned pictures of the paper manuals. This means one cannot search for anything, which is what a digital version should be best for.
If I have to wait for that stupid movie to load one more time, I will certainly scream. I have played with the idea of building my own index, but never invested the time.

I recently ordered a Haynes manual for my 124 from Britain. Other than occasional issues with the RHD and alternate engine differences, it is quite good.
It has easy-to-read wiring diagrams which usually match the US model.
I always grab it first, and go from there.

I also bought the 'Technibooks W124 Owners Workshop Manual', which is not very good. Lacks diagrams and detail.

Also bought the Bentley book, which is an interesting read, but more of a 'buyer's guide' than a workshop manual.

There would not be half as many posts on this board if folks had easy access to a proper manual. Too bad that MB feels the need for this to be a profit-center for them. They could build a real tech website for enthusiasts with older cars, and make money cross-selling cars/parts/merchandise/services etc. to their most loyal customer base.
Bet they would net more off this approach than they do on their lousy documentation! Goodwill begets goodwill begets profits...
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