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240D valve adjustment questions

Dear friends:

When you prepare to do valve adjustment on a 240D (1981):

1) Do you have to remove both the radiator, fan shroud and fan in order to access and rotate the crankshaft using a 27 mm socket and ratchet drive?

2) Is it possible to just remove the fan without removing the fan shroud and radiator? I don't want to remove the radiator because it seems hard to remove the oil cooler from the radiator.

3) The radiator drain hose on my 240D is made of some blue plastic, and its neck got broken when I tried to turn it in order to drain the coolant. What should I do to fix it? (just drill through it and replace with another drain plug?

4) I also tried to rotate the crankshaft (and hence camshaft) by rotating the power steering pulley bolt. However, I could only rotate it a little bit before it became very hard to turn (so I stopped because I did not want to destroy the power steering pump). Was it because of the high compression in diesel engines?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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