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I had my alternator replaced in my '95 E420 at the Richmond Mercedes-Benz dealership...I was charged $202.40CAD for a rate of $92CAD/ I am guessin' something like 2 hours, depending how accessible your alternator is compared to the V8 W124's...I paid something like $450CAD for the alternator from M-B...note that even M-B's alternators that you get from the dealership parts shop are seldom see "brand new" alternators/starters out there...they usually contract out to shops to rebuild these things back to M-B specs give it a good cleaning, and package it in the M-B box...

My friend had his alternator rebuilt at 170,000km in a '92 325i...he now has over 200,000km on the car...and it is still runnin' strong...I believe he spent $79CAD on the rebuild with all taxes included...if you want to save a few $$$, a rebuilt alternator may be a good alternative...provided you can find a good reliable shop to do the job at a good price...good luck...
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