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I am on vacation this week in Atlanta. I came in yesterday from Raleigh NC. Last night I came to the hotel and was trying to back out of my space to get a closer space. The car would not go into reverse but the car will go into to all of the other gears just fine. The reverse gear had worked fine and hour earlier when I stopped to get gas and had to back up because I over shot the pump. The light on the gear shifter is not working either. Just last week I had to have the switch on the transmission replaced. The reverse lights had not worked since I had a new transmission put on last summer. I need help fast. And, I will need to know of a good shop to take my car to, which will not cost me AN ARM AND A LEG. I am on vacation and cannot enjoy myself knowing that my car is down. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP MY 1983 AND ME 240D !
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