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I'm mystified by this bulb discussion. As far as I know the tail/stop light bulb spec is SAE 1157. So what's with "European bulbs"? All the bulbs in my car are original - never changed any.

The cruise control surge is worse in the freeway cruising speed range of 70-80. The speedo needle flutters intermittently with the cruise off or engaged, and when engaged the cruise control only surges when the needle starts fluttering.

In the 60-65 MPH range there is no needle flutter and no cruise control surge. This is why I'm convinced that the needle flutter is the cause, not the effect. The cruise control keys off a speed sensor in the speedo head.

I'm going to add a new speedo cable to my list of parts to get/things to do, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this bulb business.

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