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Thanks for the reply!

1. Would the O2 sensor create the failed test? Do I just R & R the sensor as apposed to testing for failure?

2. On page 14.0712-050/14 of the service manual, it shows the schematic for the Mixture Control Valve, Intake manifold, EGR valve, Vacuum Control Valve and Thermovalve 50 degree C.
The recirculation line or "hose"as I called it...."line" is a more apt term, was disconnected (line was pulled out from the rubber elbow connector) from the Throttle Assembly (that sits on top of the Intake manifold) to the Vacuum Control Valve.

3. Any "easy" way to check fuel pressure?

4. "Dripping"...????? Is there something obvious to the eye that I would look for on an injector?

5. Any help with my first post question? Wouldn't the Lambda test have caught any irregular rich/lean fuel mixtures via the sweep of voltage? The book says the lambda is not operational if the O2 sensor is defective! I didn't witness the actual test...had to take my mechanics (my first visit to this guy in Vegas, he came recommended?) word that the test was performed properly!
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