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One step closer to buying my first mercedes - 1994 E420

i have posted about this topic a bit on some other E420 threads, but decided to start a new one. i won't bore you guys with the details.

my gf's cousin gave her one son her MB E420. it's an 1994 with 43,000 on the clock. he didn't want it as he already has a better and newer car and this merc has the propensity to stall from time to time.

from your awesome website, it seems it could be as easy as cleaning the throttlebody to replacing the TB and a short harness (whatever the heck that is). could also be the tandem belt power steering pump. but at this low miles, i'm thinking it's not the pump. but who knows? could, in rare cases, be a faulty computer.

what i am wondering, besides any more input on the stalling issue, is what i should i keep an eye out for when evaluating the E420?

see ya,
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