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Thanks for your replies.

The car has an intermittent rough idle (when warm), nothing really bad just annoying. It uses a quart of oil every 500-750 miles.

During the test the car was cranked until the needle of the tester did not move any higher (it holds the highest reading).

Before I decided to change the valve stem seals I wanted to check the condition of the engine with the compression test (to see whether a complete head job was required).

I do notice a small amount of black-caked deposits in sparkplugs 5 and 6 (mostly on 5 where the compression is highest). And the threads are usually a little oily on all sparkplugs.

I bought this car over 3 years ago, good condition in and out. I have put in over 25000 miles the last year and half (NY to FL and back), no problems except for the rough idle.

It overheated once (changed thermostat - problem solved).

NormanB, besides the fact that I enjoy working on the car, I also do this things out of academic interest.
I appreciate everyone's responses and inputs.
(specially when it is free )
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