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BTW, I forgot to include, in the last message, the details:
the '86-90 W124s with the M103 3.0 liter* engine (177 hp, 188 ft-lb) and (default) start-in-2nd transmission had a 3.27 axle ratio. In '91, they gave the cars a 2.87 axle with the start-in-1st transmission. Thus, it isn't hard to see that a start-in-1st is really needed in these later cars to compensate for the higher axle ratio. But if you combine the -'90's 3.27 ratio with a 1st gear start (which you can choose to do), you'll get far more torque multiplication than is possible with the '91-on setup. Thus, the -'90 setup is actually more flexible -- you can get sedate starts in 2nd, equal to later model year cars that are starting in 1st, and also, if you want, call on additional acceleration -- and you don't have to "floor" the accelerator to adopt a 1st gear start in these earlier models -- just move the shifter to "2nd" position, and the car will start in 1st while still maintaining some dignity (if you aren't also flooring the gas pedal).

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