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Hoodfstar replacement issue W126

I went in to the dealers the other day to pick up a new hood star, mine was liberated over the weekend. I paid my $27us and got home and fitted the star.

Fitment was pretty straightforward. Insert and turn pretty much. I found the easiest way to get the old one out was to pull the pin at the base of the spring.

The first issue is that the new star is slightly smaller in the chrome ring area that is the base of the star. This area sits on top of the chrome grill surround and the stem sticks through the grill. This new piece is slightly smaller and the star is softly sprung which allows the star to move around ever so slightly. Also at high speed the star folds back on itself.

My part number is 201 880 0086 - can anyone verify this? I had a look in Partshop and it lists it as a hood star which it is - how do I know what model for?

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