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I was just reading the post below and had a few other questions on the 240d (there is a nice one in town I'm considering).

1) Lets face it, most people don't care much about their car and consequently don't keep old car bills lying around. That said, what things about a 240d that are "neglected" do I have to worry about? My main concern are the valves. I know some cars are guarunteed to burn a valve if they aren't adjusted on schedule - what about the 240d? The one I'm looking at idles and drives smooth, but the person is selling it for a freind who moved away (and they speak little english), so little is know about the maintainance history.

2) The car unfortunately is an automatic. The good part is that it shifts perfectly. Again, most people don't regularly change the tranny fluid, but the fluid in this car is clean and pink, and the tranny shifts perfectly. So, should I worry about it? Are MB trannys likely to crap out without warning? This car reads 106k miles, and the owner said it stopped working "about 3 months ago." Some records indicate the car had 85k on it in 1995, so in a worse case scenario, I'm guessing it might have 150k. Do MB transmissions last well beyond 150k?

3) Other than a slight pull to the left (and a corresponding slightly worn left tire, which makes me think tire-rod or ball-joint), the car is in really nice shape both inside and out, so is there anything else I should worry about? They are only asking $2,200, but I plan on offering quite a bit less based on what I have told you.


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