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Right now I am relying on this for 722/6 guidance:
* 20022005 W211 -- (all models except 2004-2005 E500)
* 20062009 W211 (4-cyl and 4-matic only)

As for engines:
2008-2009 E350 should be ok (?)

Airmatic makes me nervous also but I am not finding a list of specific models that have it.

Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
It really depends on your preference. Pretty much all the E500s had airmatic. All the RWD E500s had the 722.9 and the 4matics had the 722.6. if you're ok with airmatic and the 722.9 go for that option. The nice thing about the 211 is the huge variety of drivetrains and options available.
Strictly speaking the only cars to avoid are the 03s and and 06/07 m272 and m273 because of the well documented balance shaft problem. Outside of those it depends on your tolerance for expensive repairs. I would've loved a RWD E500 wagon with a 722.6 and coil springs but MB never built that combination. A RWD E320 wagon was the next best thing.
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