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Chicago:So what are other signs off head gasket leak? I know (or think I know) that I have a valve cover gasket leak. I can see a small ooze and can smell the oil burning). I have noticed that the car uses much oil. It probably uses 2 quarts between oil changes. My dealer at one point said the rear main seal was leaking but when I said that I have never ever seen a bit of oil drop on my concrete he was sort of flustered...I have not seen the smallest of a leak. I think that he just wanted the job. As far as the head gasket, how do I know if its leaking..would I notice the antifreeze dripping underneath the car? If their is a leak in the system, would this at all be a faulty radiator? The radiator has a lifetime warranty.

tkamaya: last time the coolant was checked was when I had the radiator flusher..maybe 6 months ago. Today I filled the radiator with antifreeze and filled the resevoir, so I should be able to notice if it goes down.

Thanks again.
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