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Question Power Seat INOP....Wiring problem

My passenger seat will only move back and none of the other functions will work properly. I figured it was the motors so I removed the seat and put power directly to the motors and they all work perfectly.....but when I put it back in the car....I get the same thing....I can see the motor kick and try to move but it acts like there is not enough power to move the seat....if I take the small battery I used to bench test the seat and connect directly to the seat works fine....
I started doing some electrical trouble shooting and found that there are 2 relays in the fuse panel that are energized and quite warm to the touch....When I remove either one of these relays then I loose all functions on both power seats....
So what up here?
Is the switch bad? Are the relays bad? How are these seats wired? Does anyone have a wiring diagram?

The driver' seat works fine....
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