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Originally posted by Technique

One question though, how come in my Acura I don't have to change the coolant or brake fluid until 100,000 miles or 5 years? Is the fluid in Mercedes poor quality that the brake is gone after 2 years and the coolant after only 3?
I've always wondered the same thing. Mercedes has the most aggressive brake fluid replacement policy that I have always heard of. Every car I have ever owned has never recommended brake fluid replacement. I have done it anyway.

Regarding coolant replacement, I have always performed it annually, and I consider three years on the looooong side.

I know that GM, Acura and others have coolant with very long replacement intervals. I have heard up to ten years. I just don't feel comfortable with it.

I do know that Mercedes has the most complete and comprehensive maintenance schedule of practically any car on the road, which is surely one of the reasons why the cars hold up so well.

I would just trust the Mercedes engineers, and if they require coolant change intervals at three years, then that's what I feel comfortable following.
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