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W140 replace wiper transmission help

Well, I need a new windshield wiper transmission for the S320 (Driver's side mono(monster) wiper). Dealer quoted me $CDN1229.00 for the assembly plus 3.8 hours to install! Yikes! Total after tax more than $CDN1600.00, about $USD 1100.00

So, Phil at PartsShop found me a used assembly for considerably less money - now I have to install it myself...

Can anyone give me some help/pointers etc. on what steps I need to do to get the old one out and the new one in???

I know this is going to be a project for me, but I am willing to tackle it. I have a couple weeks before the assembly arrives in which to get my gameplan together. I've previously done the rear brakes on this car, and have poked around a bit under the I know my way around somewhat.

Thanks in advance!

1995 S320
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