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I haven't done this myself but it dosen't seems that hard when I got to my motor.

Have you replaced your A/C filter before? If so you are almost there. You have to remove that BIG plastic cover at the cabin side of the engine bay, I think its called "louver"??, takes 5 screws. DO NOT remove the small screws, just the BIG screws.

Once screws out, remove the 2 vacum connector, try lifting the plastic up a little, DO NOT FORCE IT OUT, than remove a small sensor attached to a harness on the opposite side. Opposite side being opposite to the cacum connector.

Once the 2 vacum and the sensor is removed, you can take the BIG plastic ant put it somethere. Be careful not to force anything to break.

Once u are there, i think its rather easy. I haven't gone beyond but I am sure u can work it our if u get to there far... looks easy anyway..
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