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Question Darkened tail lamps

I have a 1994 C180 Euro Benz and the tail lamps are as red as you can get. I have seen the 1998 onwards model with these darkened tail lamps which are standard. Do these fit my car? I'm just wondering if they have purposedly altered the fittings so you can't use it for earlier models. I have found a spray can of gunk which the makers claim will blacken any tail lamps satisfactorily from the insides. Has anyone tried this on their Benzs or any other car out there and was satisfied with the coating or was terrified with the results, please reply. I suppose this is the only cheap way to get it rather than buying a whole new replacement set, if it fits. Just want to also know if this gunk will last, especially under the lamp's heat and direct sunlight. Will the spray makers also give their responses. I haven't yet seen a whitened tail lamp for this model, anyone???? Very popular with the Lexus and Mitsubishi Lancers.
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