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Thanks fellas for all the kind wishes! I am working at the main dealership (started today) and I guess to gently "ease" me back in to dealership life, they gave me a '55 190SL as my first job. Never fear though, I shall remain loyal to my vintage MB fans throughout the land and will certainly never leave this fine site! Not really looking forward to seeing tons of W210 E320s again, but we are setting a two year goal for my opening of my own vintage MB service/restoration shop back home in Cleveland! Can't wait!!


The DeLorean is very much like an oversized go-kart. Not too fast but fun to drive. It always provides you with something to work on somewhere within it's stainless steel depths. Right now I'm awaiting the arrival of a new crank seal from DMC in Houston. They sent me the wrong one in the beginning so it's been lying dormant all torn up in the stable for a week and a half now. Basically, engine parts are pretty easy to come by. Body parts aren't. Fenders are no longer available as the British government sunk all of the orignal body dies in the Atlantic Ocean, so the remaining original fenders cost $2,700 each and as you know, stainless steel can't be straightened so if you crease one, you're looking at lightening up your pocket quite a bit! I bought the car not running but with a mere 27,000 miles behind it. It has the infamous PRV (Pugeot, Renault, Volvo) V6 engine in it and is fed via Bosch CIS (whew!). But nevertheless still has it's quibbles. Ahh, what ya gonna do? It's a wierd car but seldom has a car had such an interesting story to tell

Well guys, thanks again for the wishes. Hope I can get used to starting these diesels in a second flat rather than the good ol' pull-style!

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