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For a little added perspective.

Many dealers add to list price through a system called matrix pricing. As it turns out many MB items like bolts, bulbs, belts, etc. are often the cheapest one off pricing going. That is only till the matrix pricing hits. The concept behind Matrix pricing is parts up to 10 dollars get jumped 5 times, stuff to 20 gets 4 times stuff to 30 gets 3 times, stuff to 50 gets 2 times, etc., etc,. The numbers aren't always the same from matrix to matrix. Anyone can creat there own matrix as I just described. BTW I have never seen a Matrix as high as I described but it would take such to explain prices quoted in this thread.

To justify this concept one must understand the value of skilled people. When you go to the parts counter and buy a bulb that has a MB list of 2.10 (part # 072601-012120 Dome light bulb 140 chassis Oshram number 6411). If I buy this part from MB they sell it to me for 1.51 and the dealer pays 1.20, unless they buy on a stock order which gets another 10% and at the end of the year maybe some more kickbacks if they do a certain volume.

So now you drag your important self down to their parts counter and wish to have this part specified and writen up. Do you expect that dealer to waste ten minutes of a parts counterman's time doing this for $.90. Get outa town.
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