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Confused by EZL Timing.

My 560 has EZL timing I think. I presume that means that I have wide latitude on where the distributor hold down bolt seats on the distributor as long as it was TDC when installed. Am I right to assume that within a few rotations, the sensor automatically adjusts the timing, regardless of the whether the distributor is centered on the adjustment bolt or not?

Reason I ask, I have been adjusting the distributor to see if my idle and perfomance will improve and when I move the distributor off-center either clockwise or count-clockwise, the timing does not automatically adjust. I'm not talking about slamming it all the way to either side, just minor adjustments take it out of time.

Long way of asking, could my auto-adjusting timing be non-functioning or? And, would it really mattter if I could get the timing adjusted by hand?


J. Boggs
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