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2000 SL500
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Front wheel problem - can you help ?

My 2000 SL500 Sport has a problem with the passenger side front wheel. When I cut the steering wheel hard left (when it is cold out) and drive slowly - maybe 3-4 MPH - I hear and feel a mechanical clicking with each wheel rotation which feels like the wheel is moving/shifting on it's studs.

Now that it is warm it doesn't do it ... but it does feel like the alignment is off for the 1st few minutes until the car warms up. But after the 1st few minutes it seems fine. I confirmed that the wheel is properly bolted on and I jacked the car up but didn't see anything obvious.

The wheel has never hit anything - I've driven every one of the 22k miles carefully. However it had a couple of scratches on the passanger side front wheel (AMG) when I picked it up new from the dealer so I suspect that it may have taken a knock before I got it. When I took delivery the salesguy told me that it had a vibration which they fixed by replacing the rubber.

I will have the dealer look at it when I bring it in for service but I would like to give him a little more to go on than "it comes and goes depending on the temps."

Ideas ? Suggestions ?
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