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Follow Up for Thomaspin or anyone!

1973 450 SL engine 117.982
Still trying to figure out the mystery of timing chain being advanced 7 degrees (BTDC). In my Chiltons book on page 3-54 under valve timing after gasoline engines.

Item 4. With a 27mm wrench on the crankshaft pulley, turn the engine in direction of rotation, until the TDC mark on the vibration damper registers with the pointer and the distributor rotor points to the No. 1 cylinder mark on the housing. The camshaft timing marks should align at this point.

Note:Note: Due to design of the chain tensioner on V-8 engines, the right side of the chain travels farther than the left side. This means the right-side camshaft is approximately 7 degrees retarded compared to the left side, and both marks on each side will not simultaneously align.

This is exactly what I am experiencing but I didn't see anything in the factory cd regarding this and I have not heard anyone talk about this on the forum so I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.
Thanks in Advance (BTDC) ha ha
for your help

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