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Question 92-sl intermitten hard

The car (92 -500 sl)will have a hard start (2-3 cranks ), normally starts fine if started immediately after driving for a while. problem usually occurs after the car has been driven and when restarted after an hour or so. Here's what i have done to check fr possible causes.

1. Changed distributor caps/ rotors
2. Changed ignition coils (3, others were fine).
3. Cahnged all spark plugs.
4. Checked fr vaccum leak (found two injector seals leking, fixed)
5. Changed fuel pumps, filter and fuel accumulator.
6. No falult codes (obd)
7. Cleaned the Ignition Control Valve
and while at it changed the ATF and filter.

As a last resort will try using a fuel additive to clear the fuel line,
This is begginig to be a bit of a mystery , what else am i missing, went through the bord and figured OVP could be a problem, but have trouble locating it, would help if i could get the part-no and location.

What else could be wrong>> any help is appreciated ,and thanks in advance
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