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Lightbulb Re: R-12 alternatives

Originally posted by 84300DT
was over at my indy's today and we got to talking about ways to get the a/c going again (R-12 system). he was saying he is using exclusively R-145a as a replacement for R-12 with no problems at all and no modifications necessary. anyone have any experience with this stuff? i am thinking about giving it a shot ( so to speak..)
Call Don Freeman at Duracool USA regarding Duracool 12a. I was very impressed with its compatibility and marginally higher efficency than freon R12. It is 35% more efficient than R134a which I've read in the diesel forum does not cool well in the 300D. Only took 1- 6oz can of Duracool to bring my system up to cold. (''
Their Kit includes three 6 oz cans and each 6oz is equivalent to 15oz can of 134a and instructions to do it yourself!
Yes, I was skeptical however Don at Duracool owns a number of Mercedes Benz including the "83 300DT he purchased the day I talked with him. He is friendly, (that's diesel mercedes knowledgeable and friendly)('')and willing to give information and talk with you.
The tune up kit includes three cans of Duracool and a charge kit is $39.95 +7.50 SH/H.':
Check his Duracool site and call him monday!
I am planning on using the extra cans to convert my 134a systems on my other vehicles to duracool 12a. The Chevy diesel van does not cool very well at all with 134a.
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