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thanks for the replies

yes greg i am fully in agreement that r-12 should go back into the system if possible, and i have been reading the posts, but i never saw a reference to r-145a, thus my enquiry. i don't want to convert to 134.
the indy wasn't suggesting i put anything into the car at all, only that his experience had been all good with the 145a in r-12 systems so that's why he used it.
the guy's a friend and so yes i do trust what he says and that he's not trying to 'sell' me something that's gonna mess up the a/c which isn't working anyhow. if i asked him to get r-12 he prolly would.

oh, and seeing you're 7 yrs older than me i guess yeah you're an old dude but i guess that makes me one too!
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