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This chapter concludes with the 300E purring at idle like the well-behaved creature Mr. Benz intended.

Adjustment turned out to be a non-event.

I hooked up the duty cycle meter, as well as a multimeter on the EHA. I richened the mixture until EHA swung between roughly -1 and 1 at closed loop, at which point the duty cycle meter swung between around 46-52. Idle on the dashboard tach looks like 750rpm both on start, after idling for 15 mins, and on return to idle after opening the throttle to around 2000.

Although I may revisit this after I deal with some more pressing problems, I saw no immediate need to do any calibration on the pot housing. It just runs too good.

I can now start the car thru the drivers window. Once. No more start, it dies, start again. No need to press the gas pedal.

In 4 or 5 trips to the local town, (total maybe 50-60 miles) the car has yet to drop below around 600 RPM at any stoplight. Has not stalled yet.

There has not been one instance where the idle has spontaneously risen into 4 digits.

I do have one question...after arriving at a destination and putting the shifter in park, idle holds steady at around 1000rpm. Is this by design, or is this something I should adjust out?

I got some marginal results on the compression test, but that is another post...
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