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Pissed off . Today while travelling northbound on I-95 at interchange 18w, right after paying the toll. I'm moving along at about 45mph when all of a sudden the car starts to slow down for no apparent reason. I'm stepping on the gas pedal but the car is still slowing down til it comes to a stop.
I have a quick question.(You are suppose to hear the fuel pump when you turn the key on right? I thought so).Now I'm trying to start the car, it cranks but it won't start. After trying this for about 15 mins. I noticed that when I turn the key I'm not hearing the fuel pump turn on. Is there a fuse or a relay that powers the fuel pump or does this just sound like I need a new fuel pump? The car has 192k mi. on it, but the fuel pump was supposedly changed about a year ago. Just as a test,(after being towed back to Staten Island and &165.00 lighter in the pocket), I tried to start the car by spraying starter fluid into the throttle body. You guessed it, the car started but didn't stay running for long. I took this to be, because there wasn't any fuel getting to the throttle body. Only the fluid that I sprayed. Any suggestions . Also I had just filled the tank up so I know it was full of fuel. The car is a 1986 300E..Still love the car though

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