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The particulate filter itself is threw a below regeneration efficiency error, so it was longer able to effectively regenerate (plugged up too much essentially). The part itself can be had online for about $800-900....or you can go the shady route and delete it.

I drive about 10-12k a year....if I get 100k out of the second filter (average is much higher, in the 150k+ range from what I've read), then the fuel it has saved me and the 10+ years that would take, not a big deal even if it was $900 then. People have had success having them cleaned at truck centers so thats an option as well.

The repair was free, but even if it hadn't been I'd still be well ahead vs the fuel my old 420SEL I drove as my daily driver would have used in comparison....and thats in only 11k was a guzzle monster....and slow. The GLK diesel would leave it in the dust.

I average anywhere from 23 to 42mpg....really varies depending on weather, driving speed/style. "Normally" I get about 28.5-31 in the city, a couple less if I have the A/C blasting. And about 35 on the freeway going ~75, the economy actually increases up to about 80-85 then it begins to decline. Highest ever was when I drove about 60 miles at 50-55mph, got about 44mpg.

The torque is awesome, its comfortable, its quiet. If I get another 80-100k out of it with no major repairs then I'll be very happy....and I bet it can do way more than that.

My overall favorite MB remains the Metris....its just tons of fun to drive, because its huge, and handles reasonably well.....I've debated selling the GLK for a second one but there'd be a decent ding in fuel economy (22-23avg on premium gas vs my ~30-31mpg avg on diesel)

Emissions warranty is 8 years 80k miles.
-diesel is not just a fuel, its a way of life-
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