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Unhappy 500E is hard to start

Greetings everyone,

I've used the search engine already on the subject, but I would like to just get some opinions on my problem :

Sometimes, when my 500E's engine is warm, I have the most difficult time starting it...I can hear the engine is turning from the starter, but it doesn't fire up. I have to insist and keep cranking for what seems like ages until the car does a very slight splutter and starts...after that the engine runs fine, I can shut it off and restart it, it'll start immediately as usual...

From what I read, I think it is important to point out that all the lights on the instrument cluster come on as they should, I also hear the fuel pump priming the system, and shutting off approx. a second afterwards...Oh and my air pump is on its way out, also...

The car is a 1991, it has 82K miles. It runs fine otherwise...

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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