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we must have had 190's made by the same person or something... cracked dash... I also have problems with the LCD display on the cluster; no advice. I just either ignore it or try to imagine what it would be like if it was +88.8 C. As for the fuse cover, I could never figure out how to get mine off completely what you are doing with the front flap is what I have done and I was able to replace all the fuses with the front cracked open a bit. yeah it wasn't perfect but... you can get things in and out with that front cracked open, have you tried already?
I amost shouldn't post, as this might be the most unhelpful post to date. But no I will, you are not alone with these questions others have the same problems (and have to find half ass solutions to them until others chime in).

best of luck,

Congrats on the new record for dash removal time on top of car on top of truck.
1985 190e 2.3
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