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The cooling flush was done. I used a Prestone Flush 'N Fill Kit and the old lower radiator hose to make sure it was rinsed thoroughly. Zerex G-05 coolant went in.

The engine mounts were in dire need of replacement. The right side engine mounting arm was resting on the metal edge of the mount, and a lot of noise and vibration could be felt through the body. The engine was also resting lower than it should, and probably part of why the oil pan smacked the ground pulling into a parking lot.

Diseasel300 sent us the nearly new Lemförder engine mounts that he had on his 1986 W126 300SDL. Unfortunately, I discovered the engine mounts were another feature exclusive to the 350SD/L. For whatever reason, they changed the mounting holes so the ones from his car wouldn't work. So, my roommate ended up buying some from the dealer. The W123 part number ones we got from Diseasel300 are on top, and the 350SDL-specific ones are on the bottom (and they are side-specific due to different shore hardness of rubber).

The right side engine mount isn't accessible from on top. Fortunately, the entire job is able to be done from the bottom. First, the engine mount shock absorbers must come off. They are worn out and need replacing.

The mounting arms are detached from the mounts by the hex key bolt which is accessed through a hole under the mount.

Then the engine is lifted up so the heat shields can be removed and the bolts holding the mounts to the body can be accessed.
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