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Tire Noise

Since I bought this 98 E320 with 6000 miles on it in 1998, it has always had some road noise/vibration that seems to come from the tires. At 25K miles, I put the AMG wheel tire combination from the E55 AMG on it with the exception that I went with the Bridgestone Potenza RE 730s over the Pilot Sports. The original tires were the Michelin MXV4 215/55/16s and the E55 has 245/40 18 in front and 275/35 18 in rear. Having had the Pilots on my SLK AMG, they were just too soft and short lived. The noise seems to have increased with the change in tires/wheels and been stable over the last 25K miles as the car now has 50K on it.

Is it possible that a wheel bearing could be causing this noise but not fail after that many miles, it this a problem peculiar to the 210 chassis, or is there a way to pin point the noise? I know that from inside the car, it's hard to pin point, but it seems to be coming from one or both front wheels/tires.

It's my wife's primary car so I don't drive it that often, but when I do it drives me nuts. Can anyone help me solve a nit picky problem?
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