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This is a difficult removal process. If you can find an easy out large enough to fit the capscrew, then give it a try. I hope you are successful. Two other alternatives I know of that work. Grind grooves in the head of the bolt so it ends up looking like a big phillips screw and use a piece of hardened tool steel in the grooves to "unscrew" the bolt. This will require a long attachment for your "screwdriver" to generate sufficient leverage. The second method works (I tried it successfully. Tack weld a cap screw onto the stripped headbolt and use that to remove it. Your welder will have to be careful to avoid damaging the head, but it can be done. Personally I like option one, but I haven't trid that one yet. One other option, if you can get a pipe wrench on the bolt head, that may work, but usually there isn't enough room for that trick..

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